Festival Feels For Your Wedding…

1 October 2018

Signing off from the world for one weekend. Stepping into an alternative reality, one festooned with twinkling lights and open fires, flags fluttering in the breeze, with a soundtrack of your favourite tunes and like-minded souls, gathered together in a simple celebration of togetherness.

If you love a festival like we do, chances are you’ve thought about bringing those special vibes to your own big day. With a long history of providing catering at various UK festivals and lots of lovely outdoor weddings under our sparkly bum-bags, we’ve put together some Seadog suggestions to help ensure your Wed-Fest works for you and your guests…

Line-Ups and Lanyards

Capture the festival vibe from day one by styling your wedding stationary as flyers or posters. Multiple live bands, DJs or entertainers, (think fire-jugglers or walk-about acts) look great on your flyer-styled invites. Creating lanyards for your guests with an order-of-the-day is also a great festival touch.

Talking Tents…

Take a twist away from the standard white marquee and think cosy but contemporary Yurts or Tipis. Check out World Inspired Tents for some stunning inspiration. Having more than one tent is a great way to mimic the festival vibe of multiple stages and can be great for providing a kid’s zone or chill-out area. For the full festival experience, think about setting your guests up for the whole weekend with Native bell tent hire.

Festival Food

Food at festivals has come a long way. No more do you merely make do with chips or donuts. Nowadays festival food is full of flavours from across the globe. It’s fresh, colourful and there’s always a choice. Whilst multiple food trucks at your wedding can be difficult to manage, having one caterer (like Seadog) that can offer various stations with different offerings at each, can mimic that festival feel.

Drink Up the Vibes

Get yourself a great bar with expertly prepared tipples and top serving staff and you’re halfway there already. We love the vintage styling and cool vehicles of mobile gin bar Thompson & Tonic and The Paddock's converted horsebox bar. Think about branding some reusable cups with your name and date for guests to keep.

There is no such thing as bad weather, only different kinds of good weather

We’re British. We’ve been to lots of festivals. We know about unpredictable weather. We also know that we’ve had some of the best, most memorable moments in inclement conditions and that stormy skies, wellies and umbrellas look great in photographs! Embrace whatever the day throws your way…

Glitter Makes You Fitter

Encourage all your guests to get glittery with a sparkle station, we’ve seen from experience that even the grandparents can’t resist a bit of glitter. It goes without saying that it’s got to be eco-friendly glitter. We love Bristol based Eco Stardust.

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